The Power of Learning (challenge 6 2.1)

Hello everyone, this final post for the class University 349 will present and explain how valuable have been the different tools I have learned and obtained throughout the course of this semester. It has been such a drastic change to my knowledge about what I thought the term “digital citizenship” meant and how my perspective has change in a positive way after obtaining all the knowledge from the class activities and resources. When I first was introduce to the class and to the first activity which required me to define the term “Digital Citizenship” I was not quite sure of what to say. Ever since I’ve been using the internet it has strictly been for school websites or social websites. I never thought of individuals having such a thing as digital citizenship and  having the capability to use the digital world as a part of defining one’s role in society. My answer to the first class activity was simple and perhaps too general. I mentioned how to my understanding I thought that digital citizenship refer to the way people behave and use the internet as in a professional way or a social way. After being exposed to all the content provided to us in class I have to admit I was extremely impressed and amazed to how much power we have in our hands and how it is extremely important to be responsible for the actions we take in the digital world. The way social media has revolutionized our way of living is extremely important to how our digital citizenship is influence. My generation has always just seen social media as a way to entertain ourselves; however, one of the tools I obtained in this class is how essential social media is in today’s way of living. After completing challenge #1 and finding about what is exposed about myself by just typing my name on a search engine gave me a drastic change of my perspective of what is the digital world and how aware we must be about it. Being careful to what we share on the web about ourselves is extremely important because I learn how anything out there becomes a tattoo to one’s file that will stay forever.  Another different and important aspect I learned about social media is how a lot of important movements have been possible with the power of social media. Being involve with professional groups through social media can help individual start or support and important movement that can change our world dramatically.  The different resources we were provided with to complete and help our critical thinking throughout the different challenges helped me gain different knowledge that was relevant to my daily life. One of the videos and article I was particularly impress by were ” Turning Students into Good Digital Citizens”  and  From Knowledgable to Knowledge-Able” they both include the theme to how important is for individuals to become mindful about the use of technology and how we should take advantage of the great power we have in our hands to collaborate with pretty much any one in the world through the various social medias we have quick access to. It is our responsibility as individuals living during this time to make sure we use all the technology and tools available through the virtual world  to do productive actions that will better our future. Getting engage and searching a social issue through the world of social media was an experience that taught me how easy its to be involve and to fight for an specific movement in order to make a change. It was a truly an honor to be part of this course.  The tools and knowledge I obtained  will benefit me not only in an academically level but also in a personal level. Academically now I am more aware of he use of media and how mindful it is important to be. In a personal way I know have the awareness of how this is our world and how we have the power to start  a movement and make a significant change to our world for a better future.

Learning to be Good Digital Citizens

Hello everyone! This week’s blog will be like the cherry on top of the dessert. In this blog I will be analyzing the magical world of the internet and how being a good digital citizen has become essential. After watching the video ” From Knowledgable to Knowledge-Able” and reading the article ” Turning Students into Good Digital Citizens” I was able to find very interesting themes that linked back to my experience of searching a professional topic on social media. Both the reading and video gave a really clear and important theme of how important the internet and the different virtual ways to communicate have become essential in our lives. The way that internet has revolutionized our way of living and the way we now collaborate with the entire world has make a huge impact on the power we know have with any electronic device. Being a good digital citizenship will have a big influence on how beneficial we use all the technology we have in the present and how beneficial it will be in the future generations. The article explained how being cautious of how we use the different social medias is part of being a good digital citizen; although that’s only a part of it. Utilizing the social medias to start a movement and make a difference in anything is a great example of how collaboration is essential to be a good digital citizen. There have been tremendous movements done through social media to help different countries in nature tragedies; for instance, there was a lot of examples shown in the video like programs to notified the world of specific updates when a country is experiencing a tragic event. I was really amazed by the information provided by both the video and article. The internet has allow us to change entirely our way of communication and I  believe that by being good digital citizenships we will better our future regarding social media and the internet.

Last Engaging Stage

Hello everyone, this week’s blog will be about the last stage of this engaging process. From the beginning of the lurking process I gained a lot of new perspectives and knowledge of the culture of social media. I was really impressed to visit some of the resources provided by my team mates. I was particularly really interested by this website provided by Professor Pacanscky Brock …



Although, I encounter myself with some obstacles while engaging in my topic through social media I know I learned a lot of useful skills during this process. During this last stage of engaging I feel like I can now reflect back to the starting point or lurking. first I felt like a student just trying to learn more about a topic through the social perspective; however as I started to engage more and more is started to feel more as a part of a community fighting for a common cause. The weapons that social media has provided us with, are extremely helpful if we know how to efficiently use them. I am really content how much I have learn through the perspectives of social media. College tuition is a social issue that for sure has an influence on today’s society and I was really impress to find groups that are dedicated to fight for this cause. I have to say I have change my view on social media, since now social media is the perfect method to join groups and obtain followers to be able to make a movement possible.


Challenge 5 Part 2

Hello everyone! this week I will continue and build on the concept from last week. It has been an exciting roller coaster to experience how amazing it is to search a specific topic from the social media perspective. I have comment it on different blogs but I just keep on learning so many new perspectives about how beneficial social media websites are when used for the right things. As I moved on from lurking and actually engaging in social media I feel more involve with the topic I’m searching for. High college tuition is the cause of stress for a lot of students and getting the social media perspectives has been really interesting. The only obstacle I encounter was perhaps the lack of familiarity with specific social medias. I personally do not use many social medias,  but encountering my self with having some trouble finding professional and reliable information allowed me to have a really essential reflection. I came with the conclusion that my generation was raised with social media always being around; therefore, we tend to see it as just a source to be social when in reality social media is far from being  just an entertainment source. I decided to reflect back on how I’m engaging my self and I decided to apply some changes. I decided to read my group members’ blogs in order to obtain more tips and even sources to stay engage and obtain beneficial information about the topic of high college tuition. My goal to become really engage with the topic of high college tuition is still in progress and I really look forward to find out how this experiences changes my perspectives. I may not be done with this great experience but I am sure that I have change my perspective about social media in a really positive way.

Challenge #5 Part 1

Hello everyone! This week I will present you the different levels I have escalated in order to become engage with the social issue my group is focusing on, college tuition rising. The process of lurking gave me valuable and essential weapons in order to obtain the social perspectives high college tuition. The experience for engaging was a little difficult. College tuition is an issue that affects a large amount of our population; however, not a lot of people expose it on the social media. I was really amazed to find posts like these on twitter. Although I never visited twitter, I was not able to find much information on different social websites. It was really interesting observing that political candidates like Bernie Sanders were addressing the topic through social media. I have gain so many perspectives throughout this amazing process of researching a topic through social media. I have gain a new way of viewing social media. My generation is so use to just using media as a form of entertainment; however, I have learn how media has revolutionized our way of changing the way we utilized social media and the purpose for it. Using media as a source to research a specific topic has provide me with a different perspective about social media. It is amazing how people is able to communicate with different individuals in order to expose a specific social issue or idea that is affecting a big portion of society. I will continue to engage myself in different posts about my social topic in order to accumulate important information from social media.







Challenge #4 Part 2

Hello everyone, this week my blog will continue last week’s post about how essential Lurking can be. Last week I obtained really important information of the importance of lurking, when trying to obtain helpful information. An interesting aspect I found during my research was that not all topics are easy to lurk for. The topic which I am focusing on is the cost of higher education. Even though the number of people obtaining college degrees has increase, it is still difficult to lurk about such a trending topic. The cost of college education is something that affects anyone trying to obtain a college degree; however, I did not experience much activity going on in a constant basis about this topic. I continue to lurk on Facebook and Instagram, but I did not have much success. The higher costs of college tuition is really high but it’s an issue that communities really do not get involve to make better. I realized that people just make decisions in order to deal with these issue. Attending a community college prior to a four year institution is one of the solutions students have applied to their academic career in order to save some money. Obtaining loans and maintaining a budget is another route students have taken in order to try to save some money when attending college. Although I did not obtain the information I was expecting from lurking, I obtained essential information that gave me a different perspective about my topic. Lurking is a really helpful tool that knowing how to do it in the correct places can provide very useful information. After visiting the websites provided to our group I was able to obtain a better understanding of the websites that will lead me to better information about my topic.

Challenge #4 “Lurking”

Hello everyone, this week we have learn and gain knowledge about the process of lurking in order obtain the social media perspective and movement on a specific topic. Lurking refers to the process of examining and pay attention to the social activity of a website or profile without actually engaging in the actual content of the social website. Obtaining professional social profiles can be difficult if one is not engage with any professional groups already. This week we were provided with some readings from the book Net Smart by Howard Rheingold that explained how important it is to apply filters to the content we want to receive through our social media profiles. The way we can add filter and obtain only specific information from professional community groups is by being active and interested on professional groups. After one is obtaining newsfeed form professional websites than lurking becomes a great process on order to judge and determined the credibility and reliability of this social profiles. I have been applying all the different strategies we have learned to my assigned topic, college tuition rising. Lurking on specific social profiles allowed me to examine that specific group or organization in order to determine whether it would be beneficial for me to become engaged with that specific social group. Throughout the process of lurking in my own experience I was able to realize how some social profiles were not professional. A lot of profiles I encounter myself with were not professionally managed; therefore, it did not contain beneficial information for my research. Although it was somewhat difficult I was able find professional social groups that provided me with important data about the rising of college tuition and specific groups that are interested on contributing to the demand of decreasing the cost to obtain a higher education. I have been lurking on facebook and instagram at least 5 times per day on profiles that are related to my topic. I have not experience a lot of activity happening in specific social profiles. I plan on keep lurking in order to manage the professional groups I want to consider for the research on the cost of college tuition.

Challenge #3 “The Importance of Social Media”

Hello everyone, this week’s blog will discuss how social sites have become really important when performing a research about a topic that affects a large group of individuals. Continuing with the topic of high college tuition I discover how  important is to keep in consideration information available in the social media sites. College education is essential for our society to be efficient and contributive. After accessing all the different videos and readings for this week I was amazed how social media has become really important. Social media is now an informative source for various political issues going around the world. In the process of collecting more data about why is college tuition so high I came across really interesting and essential information. Facebook and Twitter were the websites I used to find information about high tuition costs. Social media has modified the ways society communicates and share information. Being able to join different groups and find individuals with the same interests is a really helpful activity that allows individuals to connect and create events on specific topics. I was able to find different groups that are related to college tuition. It is really impressive how powerful social media is when trying to communicate with other people around the world and share the interest they have in common. The image above is an example of many groups I found through facebook under the topic of high college tuition costs.

College tuition related groups

Challenge #3 Post #2

Hello everyone, today’s blog will present various aspects of how scholar and peer review articles are essential when searching credible information for an specific topic. There is a lot of websites that provide us with an infinite amount of articles about any specific topic we are searching for. Although a lot of websites offer credible and reliable information, in many cases a lot of information can be incorrect. After watching the different videos and reading some of the sources for this week’s tasks I came across really interesting facts I learned about obtaining scholar articles when planning on presenting credible information about any specific topic. In my own experience i can say how different is to search on just any common website like Google or Yahoo, versus actually searching on a academic website like the ones provided by the CSUCI website. An excellent feature that scholar search websites offer is the ability to add specific filters in order to obtain the exact information one is looking for. After searching for specific articles on college tuition, I came across different scholar articles that gave me credible and reliable information on different topics related to college costs and the reasons of why college tuition is really expensive. The way society is use to searching specific topics on common sites like google can lead to not credible information; therefore it is extremely important to open our search tools like using scholar websites in order to increase our chances of presenting reliable and credible information about any specific topic we wish to find more about.

Challenge #3 Blog Post #1

As part of  our challenge #3 we were assigned to research more information about an specific topic. I decided to focus my research on the struggle students encounter with having to pay really high tuition costs.   High cost of college tuition can be one of the obstacles students face when trying to accomplish their goal to obtain their degree. I decided to browse different websites in order to obtain more information of why is college tuition so high. although I found several websites that contained a lot of information about college tuition I decided to apply several strategies I read about on chapter two of Netsmart.  Applying filters to the websites we find online is really helpful in order to obtain credible information. A lot of the articles I was able to obtain through Google were short articles that did not have any reliable reviews. One of the big red flags i noticed in several websites was that some of the articles were surrounded by a lot of advertisements and different tabs to click on. I was really surprised of how much information I was able to obtain in several websites. In addition to researching websites on Google and Yahoo I also decided to visit more credible sources like the database that is provided on the CSU Channel Islands library website. Researching through the school website is a lot more safer. All the articles I was able to obtain were from academic institutions created by educated and certified authors. After reading chapter two on Netsmart I was able to understand how important is to be mindful of what we take from the website. Not every piece of information found in the web is credible; therefore, its extremely important to apply a crap detector test in order to obtain the most reliable information.